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Effingham’s Snippets

Volume 11  21-22   

Effingham Elementary School

March 21, 2022


It is official!  Spring is here!  However, don’t put your hats and mittens too far away.  We all know that the weather can change in a moment!  Sometimes,  just the difference from morning to afternoon can be drastic!  Our playground can become muddy.  Students are welcome to bring a pair of boots for recess.

Our Title 1 hosted Strategy Series will host a session on Social Development on Wednesday, March 30th at 6pm.  Child care is available!  Please call Sandie at 603-536-6032 to reserve your spot!

EES will no longer be sending chromebooks home each day unless the weather report indicates that a remote day may happen.  This should lighten your student’s backpack.  If a student has a specific homework assignment that needs to be completed using the chromebook, they would bring the chromebook home for that reason as well.

Wondering what’s for dinner?  On April 6th, it’s pizza!  The PTO is teaming up with the Yankee Smokehouse Pizzeria for a pizza fundraiser.  The Yankee Smokehouse will donate a fixed amount per pizza sold on April 6th.  All you need to do is place the order!  Don’t forget to tell them you’re supporting EES PTO.   Consider sharing this info with the whole neighborhood!

Kindergarten Registration for EES will be on April 12, 2022.  Appointments for registration can be made with the office. Please share this with any families that may be interested!

 Patti Morrissey

Upcoming Dates:

●      Mar. 25th -    Trimester 2 Reports shared

●      Mar. 28 -       Basket Ticket Sales Begin - thru April 8th.

●      Mar. 30th -    Strategy Series #2: Social Development

●      April 4th -      PTO Meeting

●      April 6th -      Yankee Smokehouse Pizzeria Fundraiser

●      April 11th -    Basket Winners chosen this week

●      April 12th -    Kindergarten Registration

●      April 14th -    Strategy Series #3: Stress and Anxiety

●      April 18th -    Basket Winners pickup/delivery this week

●      Apr. 22nd -    Earth Day - EES Service Day

●      Apr. 23rd -    Rascal’s 5K Race




Art News


The artists have been very busy creating wonderful pieces.  We have done painting, guided drawing and collage.  Last week, we started paper sculpture.  Kindergarten enjoyed folding, twirling and gluing to make a 3D creation.  Second grade used paper to construct a crocodile swimming down the Nile!  Sixth graders will be making 3D self portraits, fifth graders will try to build a treehouse.  These are just a few things coming out of the Art room!  Mrs. Giles


Music News


4th grade students started instrument lessons after returning from February break.  In the first few weeks, students learn how to produce a sound while memorizing three notes.



Fabulous Fourth Graders


How is your body like a car? How does a roller coaster get its energy? Why is the first hill on the roller coaster always the highest? These are the questions that the fourth graders have been answering in their study of energy in science.  The children have been creating imaginary amusement park rides such as the “Twist-o-Matic” and “Bumper Coaster.” They have learned about stored and gravitational energy and have experimented with how to increase or decrease the amount of energy in each ride. They saw how energy is transferred from one marble to the next when creating the “Bumper Coasters.”


5th Grade Science





Fifth grade scientists are exploring physical and chemical properties!  We have practiced making observations, measuring, and using data tables to organize our results. We have  learned some great science vocabulary words…ductility, density, malleability, buoyancy etc.  Students have been enjoying our hands-on labs where we are learning about acids and chemical reactions! 



Analyze the nature of matter and how it changes chemically and physically. Sci.5




Sensational Sixth Graders

6th graders have been learning about the ancient river valley civilizations with a recent emphasis on Ancient Egypt.  They participated in a collaborative simulation activity. Each year farmers had to pay a percentage of their crop as taxes, the pharaoh then used the grain to pay workers, build an army and get ready for the eternal afterlife. While experiencing the daily life of ancient Egypt, students were able to recognize major achievements such as building pyramids, writing and irrigation. (SS:WH:6:5.1-4)



  Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) -  Election of Officers


The Effingham Elementary School PTO has had a fabulous year thus far!  Thank you to all of the parents and school staff who have attended meetings and supported PTO sponsored events. 

At our  PTO meeting on May 12, 2022 we will be electing PTO Officers for the 2022-2023 school year.  Please consider joining our motivated team to help support the education of your children/students.   If you are interested in running for one of the following positions, President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer, please send your name and a brief statement of interest to prior to May 12th.  For more information, please

                                           contact Linda Perrow at 539.6032.







The following information is from the EES Strategy Series #1 which was held on March 14th.  Be sure to attend Session #2 on Wednesday, March 30th!